Important NCCHA Update

Though boat construction has occupied an enormous amount of time and resources, that is drawing to a close. NCCHA can begin focusing more on an expanding cultural/heritage education agenda. In the NCCHA charter issued by the NC Secretary of State, the mission of the organization is cultural and heritage education.

There is one more critical need before the boat can fulfill its mission as a traveling educational exhibit, a trailer. It’s first day on stage as an exhibit preserving the fast disappearing wooden boatbuilding industry on our coast will be September 8 at the Wilmington Boat Show; its entry fee is provided by Evinrude. Evinrude donated several thousand dollars in the form of a much discounted version of their newest E-TEC engine. The boat is scheduled to leave for Wilmington on Sept 6. NCCHA was preparing to raise money for a trailer, but was not anticipating the immediate need for one.

The Immediate Trailer Need: The borrowed trailer has to be returned as soon as possible, sooner if we get any tropical weather next week, a possibility depending on development of current activity in Southern Florida A fund-raising campaign has already begun. Bud Belangia has been investigating re-building used ones with the conclusion that a new tandem trailer with trailer brakes is best. Jack Lee of Arapahoe has generously kicked off this campaign with a $500 donation. A ballpark figure for a suitable trailer is $4,500.00

As the boat project comes to fruition, another NCCHA educational program is in the final planning stage. NCCHA will work with Carteret County Schools for Heber to teach a boatbuilding technology/heritage class at DownEast Middle School. This course will span two semesters. Heber, while teaching boatbuilding, explains the history of wooden boatbuilding and its role in the formation of our coastal heritage.

Meanwhile, the writing part of Sound People is taking shape.

Another need: NCCHA, working through Heber, needs a new space for expanded boat building educational opportunities. The shop in Marshallberg which has been available to NCCHA is being re-purposed by its owners. We have been advised to investigate the old school bus garage in Alliance. Please help in this search. It is believed that Heber operating from a very basic building in Pamlico County would generate participation across a broad spectrum of citizens. Long range, a sizeable grant could help acquire permanent facilities.

NCCHA President Barbara Pearson pleads, “Please join the fund-raising effort; Carolyn and Ben have beaten the bushes so much, shrubbery shrivels up when they approach. Getting more people to join will help also! Share this email with potential supporters to help get a trailer to put the boat on the road. On the water will come later.”


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